• David E. Brevik


Updated: Mar 24, 2018

Here is my first blog post! Hurray!

It took me long enough to get this done.

I'm David E. Brevik, a nobody who is trying to get the world to notice me.

So I guess I'm pretty much just like everyone else; trying to make a living. I'm hoping to do that through my stories, though I know there are millions out there. Stories are pretty much everywhere.

What is a story? 

According to good old Merriam-webster, a story is history, an account of events, a fictional story (like a novel), a rumor, false hood, legend, broadcast, or even a situation. 

Wow. That is both helpful and unhelpful at the same time. It would be shorter to say that 'a story is life itself'.

But us humans so love our details and separating the world into pieces. That is why I'm writing stories that focus on primarily on fantasy rather than trying to mash everything into one unbearable blob. I've got dozens of unpublished stories, but right now I'm trying to publish 'God's Forsaken'.

'God's Forsaken' is a story that tries to push the traditional boundaries of epic fantasy. I grew tired of the Tolkien style of fantasy and added my own flair. No more purely good elves and evil orcs. I'm plenty sure humans would be the greatest villains in history if animals could write their own tales. I'm kicking my story out of 'place generic European country here' and into different parts of the world. Old fantasy species get a makeover; I've created my own. Wizards are out-dated and guns are actually more dangerous than just a hunk of metal. What magic there is has been spread out to the masses. Power to the people!

I'm considering adding another book, 'Nobody Important', to the roster soon, but I still need to have someone look over that one last time. 

I promise you folk that if you read my stories, you'll find yourself in a world you never knew could exist.

Today is Monday. That's a good day to put up my first post. I'll try to update it at least once, if not twice, a week. 'God's Forsaken' is currently $0.99 on amazon. If you'd like more information, just go check out my site . I hope you guys enjoy the read.


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