God's Forsaken

Michel is the Angel of Death, feared and revered by all. Nobody dares cross his path – until he meets Vipa, a strong-willed huntress who will not take no for an answer. Forced into a deadly and reckless mission to destroy the forsaken god, Tragun, Michel must learn to get along with Vipa and her team: a vampire and a humanoid lizard. With Lady Luck fighting against them, will they accomplish the impossible? What secrets will they uncover along the way?



An unique fantasy, packed full of imagination; new races, new creatures, new cultures – this novel is a break-through in fantasy and a breath of fresh air. It’s a funny adventure with fascinating characters.

Maddy Glenn - Freelance Editor & Self-Publishing Agent

Brevik's universe in a uniquely blended world of modernized fantasy

Colton Hamshire

I’ve really enjoyed this book so far.
It was filled with unexpected occurrences that kept it from being boring. The characters were lovable and unique, but also had their flaws, making them more human like, which made them seem more realistic. The author did an amazing job making this book full of adventure, excitement and unexpected happenings.

Bethany Arnold

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